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Arek Podstawka

Arkadiusz Podstawka - guitarist, composer and arranger. Author of the first in Poland full coverage of musical scales, which was published as a book entitled What is it? Musical scales. He also arranged The Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach for two guitars and for guitar and double bass. All publications are available in the music bookstoresand in the "buy" section.
For many years, he has been active on stage taking part in various musical ventures. He collaborated with the Big Band of the Academy of Music in Wrocław under the direction of Aleksander Mazur, as well as with the bands: The Sound Office, Sami Swoi, The Black, T. Time and many others.
Since 2015 he is a member of ASYMETRIO. Since 2016 he collaborates with Austrian artist Karin Kocher-Krenmayer in TRIP duo, giving concerts in Europe. His main field of interest is jazz music, however the harmony of contemporary classical and underground music remain close to him. His rich instrumentarium consists of different types of guitars, providing him an unrestrained performance without losing their individual sound characteristics.


Weston Session II (1987)
Fender Stratocaster American Standard (1991)
Jack Telecaster ('70)
Ibanez Artcore Sonic Blue (2005)
Larrivee OM-03 (2003)
Yamaha Silent SLG-100N (2008)
Enrique Keller ADMIRA Rosario (2000)


Acoustic Image CLARUS 1R
Fender CHAMP '57
Eugeniusz Czyzewski AGA-03
Rivera TBR-1M
Marshall 9000
Rivera C212-cc (2 x G12T-85)
Custom (1 x 15" IMG Stage Line SP-380 PA)